Friday, February 25, 2011

Jonas Alaska

"Been a lot to the movies lately, the last one ruined my heart"

Whata-hunk-a-spunk! His name is Jonas and like the only other person I know by that name he comes from the land called Norway. I have a huge place in my heart for Scando' any food, clothes, art, literature or music that comes from this area of the world will always have a pretty big head start in finding their way into my list of preferences. But in this case, the music feels less like its from the place of all year tans and more straight out of the London folk scene where Jonas currently studies. Think Johnny Flynn, Noah and the Whale and Laura Marling, but maybe with a tad more positivity. Awesome lyrics, awesome layered vocals and awesome use of the harmonica.

Jonas Alaska-In The Backseat (mp3)

Thursday, February 24, 2011



Who is Husky? No idea. But this track is epic and beautiful and just generally my new favourite song. The influence of Jose Gonzalez is pretty strong and I also have no doubt that these guys have the Boy and Bear bandwagon clearly in sight. But that doesn't mean I'm not going to push play fifteen times today.

The Heavenly States

The Heavenly States have been making music out of Oakland, California for almost ten years, but this is my first little taste and it may just be the perfect first introduction. Model Son has a unique structure: a slowly increasing tempo and more and more layers being coming in throughout the four minutes, giving a real sense of a story being told through the music. Check out their EP Oui Camera Oui coming out in April.

The Heavenly States-Model Son (mp3)

Architecture In Helsinki

Return to form for this Melbourne five my opinion...with our first taste of their fifth album Moment Bends that's due out in April with Modular. This track is less the erratic and aggressive sounds that found their way onto Places Like This through tracks like Debbie and Lazy (Lazy) and so much more the relaxed but still very kookie vibe of the earlier releases. And oh what a key shift!

Architecture in Helsinki-Contact High (mp3)

Philadelphia Grand Jury

"All the best things fall to pieces, there's not point stopping now"

A few years ago I made myself a mix tape called "Driving Sing-a-Longs" and this new tune from Philadelphia Grand Jury would definitely feel right at home on this CD. The Philly Jays are going from strength to strength. After delivering us their debut album Hope is For Hopers earlier this year, they're back for a second dip of the guacamole with a split 7" featuring the very catchy Save Our Town and a classic cover of Jay-Z's 99 Problems. They are just about to depart on a tour around all of Australia, supported by the always awesome Bearhug. Go.

Philadelphia Grand Jury-Save Our Town (removed)


Thursday, September 2, 2010


Fisherking have been swimming around the Sydney music scene since before 2008, but its taken until now to produce a debut long player. Islands gives a good indication of what these guys are all about: the brush of the snare, measured guitar, brooding vocals, a soothing tempo. And if you can find your way through all of this, you'll also be rewarded with some pretty beautiful lyrics.

This album WILL be the talk of the town come November 5.

Fisherking-Islands (mp3)


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Little Red

I had a truly lovely day today. Didn't do anything remarkable or particularly enjoyable, but it was just a nice day. The only thing that potentially marred this was hearing the start of this track whilst driving but not having the time to stick around and hear who was responsible! I knooow its not anything new but I'm slightly out of touch at the moment. Turns out Little Red have moved on from the burger and fries 1950's diner pop that was their debut Listen to Little Red and have replaced it with banging keys and a catchy bass. Don't worry the perfectly pitched boy harmonies are still there and so is the cutest drummer in the southern hemisphere (but now he looks less geek and more sleek!) This track made my day and I hope it makes yours too!

Little Red-Rock It (mp3)